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Interview to Ross Ching



[LEER EN ESPAÑOL] bring to you another interview, this time with someone special. His name is ROSS CHING, cinema, comercials and videoclips director, and especially big investigator in the alternatives techniques. Timelapses have a important part in these techniques, and we have the pleasure to interview him, to tell us more about his person and works.

But before you read the Interview, please see one of his videos, Eclectic 1:

You can read about the making process HERE



1) First of all, please present you. Who are you, where you live, etc…

My name is Ross Ching.  I’m a director and I live in Los Angeles, CA.
2) What is you beggining with the Timelapse Technique, how did you meet?.

I began with time lapse when I was in college.  I was inspired by a video I saw online and it got me experimenting with different time lapse techniques and equipment.
3) Do you have watch films like Baraka or Qatsi Troligy?. Do you have influenced by something like this?. Another reference that you might consider?


Prior to making Eclectic, I had never heard of Baraka or Qatsi.  And to this day, I’ve only seen small parts of Koyaanisqatsi. I was actually inspired by a video of Death Cab for Cutie’s called “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” by Josh Victor Rothstein.


4) What equipment (camera/computer) do you use to capture these shots?. Are the Tilt-Shift shots real or faked?
Over the years, I’ve used different types of Canon cameras and lenses.  I’ve use the Canon Rebel XT, 20D, 40D, and 5D Mark II.  I have used Canon’s 10-22, 17-40, 24-70, 70-200, and 24mm tilt shift lenses.  The tilt shift effect in Eclectic 3.0 was real.  None of it was faked in post.

If you want to know more of the creation process of Electic 3.0, you can read it HERE:

5) You are very know because your “Eclectic” series, where we watching you evolutionate, and now with more creative works, like “little bribes (Death cab)”, “Electricidad (Jesse & Joy)” or “Wellcome all again (Collective Soul)”. Mention apart is “Breakdown (Black Gold)”, where you mix real video with a technique now widely used, that is using real photos to create animation. What to expect from you soon?

Well, I try and never do the same technique twice.  So I have some projects in the works that involve slow motion, lighting effects, and a few live action shoots.  I’m trying to show everyone that I can do more than just time lapse and stop motion because I eventually want to create real movies.


Read more about he making of “Electricidad” HERE

6) It´s a fact that Vimeo or Youtube have boosted the creativity of the people, and it´s a potential inspiration to ads, videoclips,etc. Do you have hired to make works thanks to expose your works in these sites?


Yeah, there’s been a number of people who have approached me that want me to help them create a youtube or vimeo video that will do well on the internet.  The problem is that the budgets for these things aren’t very big enough to make something groundbreaking.

7) Do you know the existence of forums like in English or in Spanish?. There, the people can discuss, learn and expose your work. Do you think that are good “breeding ground” to create new stuff with the Timelapse Technique?.

I do know of, and I’ve actually used their forums to learn about new techniques that I could include in my work.  Although I try not to just copy 1 technique.  I try and incorporate a few different ideas to make a visually stunning piece.


Read more about Little Brives HERE

8 ) In what works are you involved now, if you can tell us?

One project that I’m working on involves a car racing against a helicopter.  Another involves a food fight, and another involves two girls making out.

9) Are you thinking in a new technique far from the Timelapse technique, like Slow motion or something else, or you want to depth in the Timelapse area, covering new forms to show Timelapses?

I’m beginning to feel that I’ve exhausted time lapse for now.  Perhaps sometime in the future I’ll revisit the technique, but for now I’m trying to stray away a bit.  However, I am planning on doing a slow motion music video in the coming months.

10) This is our last words, and want to Thanks you for tell more about you and your work, and we are waiting for your next video!. Thanks from all staff!
Oh, no!. Wait a moment!. This is the last-last question: What are you thinking when you do this ( and this (  We don´t want to miss you and your Timelapses!. Please, consider it, Ross! 😉


Haha, well everyone needs excitement in their lives.  Some people go to the amusement park, I go jump off things!

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