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Interview to Keith Louit




Hi Timelapsers!. We coming again with another interesting Interview. This time we talked with Keith Loutit aka “The Tilt Shift Timelapser“. His refined technique grow with every release, putting ever higher elevation.

Before you read the Interview, we show one of his latest videos, to enjoy it:

The last of the Bathtub series


1) First of all, please present you. Who are you, where you live, etc…

I am a photographer and film-maker based in Sydney Australia.


2) All of us have a beggining…what is you beggining with the Timelapse Technique?. How do you know this Technique? And better of that, how you discovered that the merge of Tilt-Shift  with the Timelapse Techniques have a explosive mix?

My experience with Time-lapse is as a tool to help the illusion of miniaturization in film. In a practical sense, time-lapse helps to compensate for the ‘slow motion’ effect caused by tilt shift lenses. This slow-motion effect is a fascinating side affect of miniaturization, whereby selective focus convinces the mind that we are looking at a tiny scene… so when a boat or bus passes through that miniature scene at a normal pace it looks painfully slow.


 My initial experiments with time-lapse were to address this issue, and it is in this way that I discovered the creative potential of combining tilt shift with time-lapse photography. Every subject I shoot has a very specific capture and playback rate that further enhances the illusion & make real life subjects look like their miniature counterparts. Through the right combination of shutter and playback speed people can be made to look like a number of miniature metaphors: ants marching in a colony, computer game characters, or dolls animated by stop motion. I take a similar approach to make boats, cars, buses and trains all come to life as miniatures.


3) You are know as the “Tilt-shift Timelapser”. This technique, joined with the Timelapse technique results in a explosive motion that appears to “resize” the real world and look it like miniatures in motion. In some of your shots it´s harder to notice if we are watching a real miniature. What equipment do you use to capture these shots?. Do you use a real tilt-shift lens or combine it with “faked” Tilt-Shift in post?

The technique is a recipe, that includes subject selection, vantage, selective focus, speed gains and quality of light. I shoot stills on a Nikon D3 camera bodies which have an extremely durable shutter, using a variety of ordinary and specialized tilt lenses.

One of the first Timelapses from Keith


4) It´s a fact that Vimeo or Youtube have boosted the creativity of the people, and it´s a potential inspiration to ads, videoclips,etc. Do you have hired to make commercials thanks to expose your works in these sites?

Its true that sites like Vimeo and Youtube are carefully monitored by labels, production companies and agencies, and play an important part becoming recognized as an emerging film-maker. Vimeo in particular played a large part in me getting noticed.

Recent projects include HP “Create Amazing” (Global), UGF “Tilt & Shift” (italy), NAB “Little Wonders” (Australia), and Colorama “Makeover” (Sweden). 

UGF “Tilt & Shift” (italy)


NAB “Little Wonders” (Australia)

Colorama “Makeover” (Sweden)


5) Looking your “Tilt-Shift Trajectory”, we are enjoying water related Timelapses in your “Bathtub” series, sport and motor related Stuff…what are you looking to be next?

From here I plan to continue my “Little Sydney” project, and explore opportunities to shoot more global locations and events. I have a number of film releases planned over the next 6 months.


6) Do you know the existence of forums like in English or in Spanish?. There, the people can discuss, learn and expose your work. Do you think that are good tools to create new stuff with the Timelapse Technique?.

Yes – These sites are great resources for photographers in the field, and its important to see how your work is being received by these audiences as well as the general public.

Monstuos de hierro gigantes…miniaturizados



7) Are you thinking in a new technique far from the Tilt-Shift Timelapse, like Slow motion or something else, or you want to depth in the Timelapse area, covering new forms to show Timelapses?

There is still a long way to go to finish my projects in this style, and also to develop the full potential of this technique. So for now my efforts will remain focused on extending this technique with new subjects and shooting elements.


8) This is our last words, and want to Thanks you for tell more about you and your work, and your -preciated- time, and you are invited to meet us if ever you fly to Spain (or maybe if we fly to Australia ;-). Thanks from all staff!

Thanks Antonio, I would love to meet with you next time I am in Spain.


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