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Interview to Nilo Merino Recalde




Hello Timelapsers!. Today we bring to you a Interview of someone exceptional, in many ways. Exceptional in que quality jobs. Exceptional in his Timelapser facet and the images that he capure. And over the top, exceptional because isn´t normal to find someone of a little age (Nilo has 15 actually) with a so overflowing talent.

We talk of Nilo Merino Recalde, of course.

Nilo realizando una de sus magnificas fotos

So we at was “forced” to make a little Interview to knows more about he and his jobs. Read it, because it worth it!:


Well, our fist question is the classic one: Present yourself, What is your name, how old are you, working or studying…? This can be a love quote, but is always so with all our Interviewers 😉

 Hello! :). Well, first I want to thank you for this opportunity and I am very excited.

My name is Nilo, I have 15 and I´m studying 4th degree of  ESO. But more that a love quote it appears to be a School redaction 😀



Let´s go with the second: How you meet the Time-Lapse Technique?. Did you see previously films like Baraka or documentaries like Planet Earth?

I meer this technique when I join Vimeo to upload a work for my classroom, looking for there see a Time-Lapse of Tom Lowe, and I was impressed. I then looked information in Internet, and when I see that this Technique can be done with a Still Camera I dared to try with mine, with the intention of mix it with stills photos, and to make an audiovisual for a congress that I have invited, and make it more dynamic that only with stills photos. 

The true is that I have not seen either, but I promess to see it when I can 😉 


 The Third: What equipment do you use to make yours Timelapses?. What computer and Software you use later to edit and make the videos? 

I use the same equipment that I use to shoot Stills (Canon 30D, 17-40mm y 300mm, filters and tripod) all with a clone intervalometer.

To edit it, I don´t have something fixed because I´m still testing and learning, for the last that I have done I used Photoshop, After Effects and Quicktime Pro to create the sequences, and Final cut Express to make the video. I´m used Virtualdub too for eliminate flickering, over virtualized Windows. I have a Macbook, but it lacks of power, so I used the iMac that I convinced my mother to buy :D.


Perhaps you are not aware (or maybe yes) of the “stir” that you have done to be a young person and to show the magnific videos that you have done.  One community that have “raving” with you is, and from there they want to make to you some interesting questions:

Tom Lowe, for example, have some:



What you wants to do next?. What you plans are?. Have you some free time from school next year so you can come to California and work on my movie?!

I don´t think nothing, I like to do something with living forms, apart of landscape, but I don´t have so much free time, I only have done a clamps 😀

 I want to make Time-Lapses with a motorized head, too, from a telescope mound that I have given, and I used it for a pair of them. I want to do more nocturnal, but the problem it´s I need more ISO and the 30D sensor have a lot of noise..
I´m talking with Tom, and of course I have time…the good news of studying are holidays :D. I would make an giant illusion.


Tom want to know how a person so young can spend so much time in the mountains shooting timelapse? Do his parents worry about him? How do his parents feel about his new timelapse hobby? Does he go alone on long hikes to find his locations? Is he by himself at night? Are most of these shots done near his house? I assume he cannot drive a car.

 Although nobody in my family make Photography, Time-Lapse or similar things, my fathers and some friend have very supportive and If we ask for and they can, take me to the mountain, beach or wherever:). So all I can´t get everything I want, because in these places don´t have public transport, and until three years cannot drive 😀  

Most of the places don´t are very far from my home, about two hours in car, but later have to walking to the point of shoot 🙂

I suppose you know of the existence of the DSLR cameras that shoot HD video with a cinematographic look and quality, someday we will see a video where you mix Time-Lapse and Video, if you will access to this cameras?

I hope yes, that would mean I could buy one :D. Now seriously, it´s a thing that attract much to me and I have really looking forward to it



Far from the videos that you make, did you receive some petition to make a Time-Lapse commercially?

Yes, for a Restaurant commercial.


Do your classmates have seen what you do? They comment you about it? I imaginate that will be overwhelming, even to go to a congress/exhibits, where normally the people there are so much older that you.

Most of my classmates have seen it, and some have commented to me. Sometimes chat about how is this World, what I doing…I feel comfortable. About the age, in all Congress, exhibits and talks that I have been, people have older than me, but the people treat you well, and I forgot of the different of ages 🙂 


Well, this is the last words, so from, Thanks sincerely, and we´re waiting to see your new creations. You have so much life ahead, so you can squeeze the technique to the max if you like it.

Thank you very much, and Greetings! 🙂


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